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Come for the Reaping

Come for the Reaping, by Rich Redman. Cover illustration by Clarence Harrison. Cover design by Marc Schmalz

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A modern d20 System adventure by Rich Redman.

[A]n excellent introductory adventure ... a horror-tale dashed with a bit of James Bond.

Behind high walls and guard posts, a converted sanatorium houses a secret research facility delving into "alternate technologies." Behind a respectable facade, agents of an ancient secret society work to decipher ancient texts they barely understand, hoping to glean a few arcane secrets from their vast collection of mystic tomes. A few nights ago, researchers with more ambition than skill tried summoning something from another reality. They got more than they bargained for....

Come for the Reaping is a challenging d20 System adventure of modern horror set in the Urban Arcana campaign setting, designed for four 1st-level heroes by d20 Modern Roleplaying Game developer Rich Redman. Heroes must infiltrate the mansion, overcome a small army of undead, rescue any survivors, and defeat a fiend before the facility's secret masters decide to "sanitize" the mansion. It's going to take brawn and brains for the heroes to survive in this zombie horror movie come to terrible, shambling life!

Complete with zombie stat blocks, a brand new fiend for modern d20 System campaigns, a new incantation, Initiative Cards, six pre-generated characters, maps of the converted mansion by Christopher West, tactical hints for GMs to give players who are new to modern role-playing games, and suggestions for follow-up adventures. Come for the Reaping is the first modern d20 System adventure from The Game Mechanics.

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The Specs

31-page PDF for GMs, plus included cover page.
Available as a 5MB download from for only US$5.00.

Written by Rich Redman, developer of products for Dungeons & Dragons, the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, and Dark*Matter. Edited by Tammie Webb Ryan. Maps by Christopher West. Art by Clarence Harrison, Arthur Crawford, and Charles Ryan. Layout and design by Marc Schmalz. Cover Design by Marc Schmalz.

Requires the use of the d20 ModernTM Roleplaying Game and Urban Arcana campaign setting, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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