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We know you don't come to a game site for real life drama and tragedy, but we at The Game Mechanics, Inc. want to make games and make a difference. That's why we're making all our downloads "Helpware."

What Is Helpware?

Helpware is basically shareware for a cause. You're welcome to download the free content on our website for personal use and pay us nothing. However, if you like what you find here and think it has value, we strongly encourage you to come back and make a donation. Most shareware payments go into the author's pocket, but helpware payments benefit a very worthy cause. Our first beneficiary was the Papa Christmas Fund.

Our Current Cause

With the natural disaster and human-made chaos that struck the southern United States in the form of Katrina and the response efforts, it's become clear how much Americans rely on the Red Cross during real emergencies. For this reason, our current cause is the American Red Cross.

Please consider making a donation today, and thank you for you support.

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