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Stan! was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Long Island wilds of Wantagh, but he really considers the world his home. (So get the heck off his lawn!) He holds a bachelor's degree in Advanced Book Report from Binghamton University, used to teach tennis professionally, and has been a teacher of English as a Foreign Language at some of Japan's most obscure schools and junior colleges.

He has been publishing fiction, cartoons, and games professionally since 1982. Stan! has served as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games, an editor and designer for TSR, Inc., and an author, senior designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast. In 2002, he joined JD Wiker, Rich Redman, and Marc Schmalz in forming The Game Mechanics, Inc., and serves as the company's art director and project manager (as well as one of the principle designers).

In his copious spare time, he writes and illustrates the Bolt & Quiver comic strip, writes long and short fiction, and designs games for any company whose products (and pay scales) pique his interest. Stan! lives in Renton, WA where he eats nothing but meat and cheese.

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Fiction & Game Credits

It may sound strange coming from a company that publishes PDFs, but we'd prefer it if you'd support your local game stores when purchasing hard copy. If you'd like to check for a local game store, we have a section of our message boards dedicated to references. That said, the images below are links to (if stocks the item - if it's from The Game Mechanics) in case you can't locate a good game store in your area. We're part of the Associates program, so we may earn a little money if you purchase from after using these links.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of writing credits. More information may be available on Stan!'s personal websites.

New Releases

Modern Magic, Volume One
Urban Arcana Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast
Modern Player's Companion
d20 Modern RPG, Wizards of the Coast

Novels and Collections

Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, vol. 2, Wizards of the Coast The Crab, Wizards of the Coast Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals, Wizards of the Coast More Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home, Wizards of the Coast The Odyssey of Gilthanas, Wizards of the Coast
Contributor Author Contributor Contributor Co-Author

Fantasy d20

Bastion of Broken Souls, Wizards of the Coast Book of Challenges, Wizards of the Coast Children of the Night: The Created, Wizards of the Coast Children of the Night: Ghosts, Wizards of the Coast
Developer Developer Contributor Contributor

Saga Game System

Rise of the Titans, Wizards of the Coast Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition, Wizards of the Coast Palanthas, Wizards of the Coast Dragonlance Bestiary Heroes or Sorcery
Contributor Co-Designer Designer Designer Designer

Modern d20

Modern Magic, Volume One Modern Player's Companion Modern Player's Companion Modern Player's Companion, Volume Two Modern GM Screen with Come for the Reaping
Developer Designer Designer Designer Screen Developer

d20 Modern RPG, Wizards of the Coast Urban Arcana Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast
Co-Designer Developer

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