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Marc Schmalz

Marc Schmalz, not Monte Cook

Marc Schmalz grew up all over the midwest, including places like DeKalb, IL, Cincinnatti, OH, and Indianapolis, IN. After graduating from Ball State University with a highly-prized History degree, Marc moved to Seattle to answer phones for the quickly-growing Wizards of the Coast. Over the next few years, he was promoted into a position where he managed the Wizards Web site and Internet presence.

After being laid off from Wizards in early 1999, Marc worked as a web developer and software project manager for a couple of small Seattle ventures before starting The Game Mechanics with JD, Rich, and Stan! in late 2002. Marc is officially Secretary and Treasurer at TGM, but he also manages and codes the website and does design and layout for almost all of the products.

Yes, that's really his picture. No, it's not Monte Cook. Honest. Monte is much thinner these days.

Game Credits

It may sound strange coming from a company that publishes PDFs, but we'd prefer it if you'd support your local game stores when purchasing hard copy. If you'd like to check for a local game store, we have a section of our message boards dedicated to references. That said, the images below are links to (if stocks the item - if it's from The Game Mechanics) in case you can't locate a good game store in your area. We're part of the Associates program, so we may earn a little money if you purchase from after using these links.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of credits.

New Releases

Thieves' Quarter (PDF)
Thieves' Quarter (Print)
Modern Magic, Volume One
Editing, Layout and Design (PDF)
Editing, Layout and Design (Print)
Layout and Design (PDF)

Fantasy d20

Swords of Our Fathers Staves of Ascendance Artifacts of the Ages Cromagh's Guide to Goblinoids Thieves' Quarter (PDF)
Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (Print) Layout and Design (PDF) Editing, Layout and Design (PDF)
Thieves' Quarter (Print)
Editing, Layout and Design (Print)

Modern d20

Modern Player's Companion, Volume One Modern Player's Companion, Volume Two Modern Player's Companion (Print) Come for the Reaping Martial Arts Mayhem, Volume One
Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (Print) Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (PDF)
Martial Arts Mayhem, Volume Two Martial Arts Mayhem (Print) Modern Magic, Volume One Modern GM Screen with Come for the Reaping
Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design (Print) Layout and Design (PDF) Layout and Design
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