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Christopher West

Christopher West, our "Map Mechanic", has been doing professional cartography work in the roleplaying industry for only a few years, but his interests in mapmaking and worldbuilding have followed him for most of his life.

His love of roleplaying began with the red D&D boxed set, and has flourished through every successive incarnation. He contributed to the playtesting of the Dark*Matter Campaign Setting for Alternity, authored an article in Dragon Annual #5 and later went on to create the diagrams for the PDF sourcebook Warships, by Rich Baker.

His cartography work first appeared in print in Dungeon Adventures #86, and has been featured in nearly every issue since then. Christopher's other work in periodicals can be found in Dragon Magazine (Issues 295 & 298), Star Wars Gamer (Issues 1,2,4,7,8, & 10), and Polyhedron #155, but he also illustrated the maps and diagrams featured in the Power of the Jedi sourcebook, published in 2002 by Wizards of the Coast.

Most recently, Christopher has been asked to undertake no less than three regular map features for Polyhedron and Dungeon: "Starships of the Galaxy" (a bi-monthly deck plan feature for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game), "Global Positioning" (a monthly map feature for modern d20 campaigns), and new monthly "Maps of Mystery" (for fantasy d20 System campaigns).

Christopher holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Media Arts from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and lives in Northwestern PA with his beloved wife Angela and their son Ethan.

Christopher's work for The Game Mechanics includes maps in Come for the Reaping and both maps and writing in Thieves' Quarter: A City Quarters Sourcebook.

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